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Enhance Your Martial Arts Skills with the Versatile System of Kali Self Defence!

At Kali Self Defence (KSD), our training approach is rooted in the principles of South East Asian Martial Arts, specifically Filipino martial arts. Our system incorporates elements of blade training, stick fighting, boxing and kickboxing, empty-hand defense, and grappling to provide a comprehensive and versatile training experience.

We believe in the importance of training in a way that is realistic, challenging, and adaptable to different situations. Our system emphasizes the use of live, dynamic training to develop practical self-defense skills that work under pressure.

Our training methods are grounded in the practical realities of self-defense and are designed to help our students become more confident and capable in real-world situations. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced martial artist, our training approach will challenge you to grow and develop your skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Join us at KSD and discover how the principles of South East Asian Martial Arts can help you become a more effective and well-rounded martial artist.

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Team Of Expert Coaches

Founder of Kali Self Defence

Richard P. Haye

Instructor 4. Dan Kali Self Defence

Kristian R. Jøranson

Instructor 4. Dan Kali Self Defence

Ralph Pagano